Touch Typing For Children

Welcome to Type IT! – the home of touch typing for children.
Children are growing up surrounded by technology and will be using computers throughout their education and working life. These days if you can’t type – you can’t do the job! Touch typing can be fun, engaging and relatively quick to learn too.

Type IT! – Touch Typing Courses for Children

Type IT! specialise in teaching children to touch type. Please take the time to have a look round the site to learn a bit more about touch typing for children and to see how we can help give your child a great head start in life. Our courses are dyslexia friendly too, and we have also worked with many children with other specific learning difficulties: ASD, ADHD, dyspraxia, hyper mobility, vision impairment.

In this video you can see Ben touch typing after just 10 weeks!

Click here to see more class videos on the Type IT! For Kids TV Channel.

Touch typing frees the brain to be creative and speeds up the process of getting your ideas and thoughts into a document. It will help children and students to complete their homework and coursework in super-quick time. An average university student can save over 333 hours of coursework time by touch typing (and that doesn’t include lecture notes).

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