My name is Wendy Petersen and I am the Founder of Type IT!

wendyFor the past 19 years I have been introducing computers to pre school children with my company ‘Click IT!’ Our team of tutors and franchisees work with over 1500 children every week offering I.T. lessons within nursery schools.

As a fairly fast 2 fingered typist myself, I always yearned to be able to touch type without looking at the keys. As my own children went through school, I was aware that the majority of children were using the computer to type up work on a daily basis, but were like me, ‘hunting and pecking’ the keys. This way of typing is extremely slow and tiresome with more time and concentration spent on finding the keys rather than concentrating on the work itself.

In 2011 I decided I wanted to take the plunge and learn how to touch type and at the same time I wanted to pass on my new learned skill to children. This was the start of ‘Type IT!’ – touch typing courses for children. The programme we use for the Type IT! course has been specially designed for children in the UK. It is simple, fun to use and not only teaches them to touch type but helps with their literacy skills as well. It is particularly recommended for those children with dyslexia. Our courses are designed so that your child does some practice at home every day and comes to class once a week. This ensures your child stays motivated and encouraged throughout the course.

I am pleased to say I can now touch type confidently at over 70WPM and I it’s made a huge difference to my workload.

If you want to have a chat about touch typing courses for children just call me on:
020 8434 7111

I really look forward to working with your child to give them this skill which will last them a lifetime.

Kind Regards

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