Adult Lessons

It’s never too late – you can do it!

Don’t take my word for it – here’s a testimonial from Angharad, one of my adult learners:

“Since I learnt to touch type with Wendy at Type IT! I have been amazed how much time I’ve saved. Not only was my old typing style wasting time, but I was also unable to really think about what I wanted to write as I was so busy thinking about where the keys were! All professionals should learn to touch type, it’s an amazing skill and Wendy makes it such fun – it also helps you look super professional in the office!” Angharad Milenkovic.

For years and years I was a relatively fast two-fingered typist and I got by – but I always had a niggling desire to be able to touch type. Why? Because I knew that I would be able to get through my work quicker and concentrate more on what I was writing rather than what my fingers were doing! So in 2011 I made a decision to learn and I am pleased to say it has been one of the best things I have ever done!

Wendy – typing made easy!

You do have to be determined to learn. As an adult you have probably got into bad typing habits, and so when learning to touch type you have to undo all of those bad habits and start all over again. It also means that initially you will slow down your typing speed. This can be frustrating when you have to fire off a quick email, but you have to persevere and it will pay off, I promise you!

In a recent typing test I recorded 28WPM for my ‘old style’ of hunting and pecking. Touch typing, my speed was 65WPM. That’s a massive improvement.

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