Advanced/Refresher Courses


8 year old touch typist – 34WPM!

Moving on to the next level or brushing up on skills learnt so far

Your child has now completed one of our touch-typing courses and I am sure that you are very proud that they have worked so hard.

Your child has now received a certificate showing their highest words per minute and their accuracy. The aim of the course was to be able to touch type confidently using all of the keys. Every child has gone at their own pace and their acquired speed is dependent on their age, attendance, effort and the amount of homework practice completed.

If you would like your child to increase their speed or learn additional keys, we offer an advanced course.

Advanced Course Content:

• Refresher lesson to brush up on all keys learnt so far
• Learning to touch type numbers 1-9
• Typing paragraphs (using shift and other punctuation keys)
• Speed and performance work to increase speed to 30wpm+
• Copy typing – words and paragraphs from newspapers and magazines
• Blind typing – using just the fingers and listening skills

For students that have already completed a course with us
 By prior arrangement (usually as part of an intensive holiday course)
Length of Course: As required
How to book: Please use term code advancedrefresher on your booking form.
Fee: £40.00 per 2 hour lesson