Adults – Come and Learn to Touch Type!


Men touch typingIf you an adult wishing to learn, we can help you! Please contact me on 020 8434 7111 to chat about the different options I can offer you. I have worked with adults from all backgrounds and ages and please remember it’s never too late to learn, even if you have developed some really bad habits and are hunting and pecking with just two fingers! I can help you to type faster and accurately. It’s such a brilliant skill to have at any age! Please contact me!

A Very Funny Thank You!


IMG_4715At the end of our touch typing courses, the children practice typing in Microsoft Word. Here is an example of a letter that one of the children typed for their parents. I like to think I have a bit of banter with the students I work with; after all learning to touch type can be a bit dry and boring so we like to have fun along the way. You can see this reflected in the irony of 14 year old Adam’s letter which may me cry with laughter!

Learn to Touch Type This Autumn


Our term time courses have now started so why not join us? We run lessons throughout the week after school as well as on Saturday mornings. These small group sessions, where everyone works at their own pace, are the best way to learn how to touch type. We also teach adults how to touch type so if you type at work – come and learn how to touch type! We can increase your speed up to 5 x and your accuracy too. No more looking down at the keyboard! We also have a few spaces for our October Intensive course. Please message us for more info.

Summer Courses Now Full


We have been inundated with enquiries for our summer courses – over 12 courses running this summer. If you are interested in joining our next intensive class, we will be running another one at Christmas and February half term. Don’t forget we also run term time lessons and these are the best way for your child to learn how to touch type. Weekly lessons allow for more practice time, therefore enabling the student to end up with a good speed by the end of the course. If you are interested, just call us on 020 8434 7111.

Another Happy Parent!


First and foremost, thank you to all the Type it staff, particularly Wendy. I reckon she’s got the magical fingers as she truly encouraged my son to touch type. With regular weekly sessions he moved from one finger for every key to touch typing in a much shorter space of time than I thought he would, particularly with his hypermobile fingers.

The regular independent activities set for home are really good. I actually didn’t have to tell my son to do them, he just got on with them, unlike school homework!

Thanks again to Wendy and the Type it team!”

Mrs Shah


Great Feedback


“My daughter attended your course ending in February 2017. At the beginning she could only type with 2 fingers. At the end of the course she managed to use all 10 fingers at a very good speed and with very few mistakes. We were both impressed:) She is now very happy to use her newly acquired skill both for work at school or simply for writing whatever on the computer. Thank you very much also for the lovely and friendly atmosphere”.

Successful February Intensive Course


We had a busy half term week with 5 students attending this week. I only take the children in small groups as this means they get lots of hands on help. We had some great results and everyone enjoyed making new friends. Here’s a testimonial from one of the parents:

My 8 year  son attended your intensive course in February 2017 – he absolutely loved it. Thank you so much Wendy for making it such an enjoyable experience!” Gill

Happy Graduate!


Well done to my student Luc who graduated in December. It hasn’t been easy for Luc along the way but his determination and positive attitude has helped him achieve this incredible result. I’m so proud of him and will miss him not being around on Saturdays. He can now put his skill to great use and use a laptop in school to support his learning. Congratulations!


Proud Tutor!


Our Tutor, Emma, showing other students how it’s done!Emma fast touch typist

Fantastic Feedback from Summer Intensive Courses


Our two boys completed the week-long intensive touch typing course last week.

Both were a little apprehensive as to what to expect.  However, when I collected them at the end of the first session, they were both extremely happy and had really enjoyed the class.  They said it was not boring or mundane.  It was fun, interesting and they both felt they had learned quite a bit in the first two hours on the first day.

For the five days, they practised the homework that was set and did so without me asking them more than once to do it – which is a rarity!

How the classes are run and the kindness and patience of the teachers is clearly apparent as the boys were more than willing to get on and do the work that was set and their enthusiasm remained for the duration of the week. They have also practised every day since the course was completed.

This is a life-long skill that every child should have the opportunity to be taught.  We recommend this course very much!

Mrs Bowen.

We are very grateful to you Wendy, and Charlotte and we will send the boys back for a refresher in the next half-term.