The Benefits of Learning to Touch Type

Not teaching a child to type is like teaching them to read but not to write!

In this computer driven age, when school children are now expected to use a computer keyboard more often than a pen, their ability to touch type – using all their fingers without looking down at the keyboard – has become vitally important and will give them a key advantage now and in future. With most jobs requiring fast and accurate typing, headteachers say it would be remiss of them not to teach it. Unfortunately touch typing lessons rarely find their way into the school curriculum.

Benefits of touch typing:


Wow - that's fast!

Wow – that’s fast!

Type Faster – As well as own findings has confirmed, research by Pitman Training shows that people who type with two fingers manage between 27 and 37 words a minute while someone trained to touch type can reach between 50 and 70 words a minute. A proficient touch typist saves hundreds of minutes each week on touch typing based tasks, such as homework, projects, research, or writing up essays.

Touch typists make less errors and so don’t waste time making corrections.

A child that touch types quickly and accurately is more confident in dealing with keyboard-based tasks and school assignments because the lack of typing skills doesn’t get in the way.

Stay more focused: With hunting and pecking you have to make sure that you are using the correct finger and hitting the right key so that you will obviously be a little distracted. But once your fingers are automatically ‘doing their thing’ you can concentrate on your work and not on your hands!

Better posture and positioning: with touch typing, your ten fingers glide over the keys and your head stays focused on the screen. No arm or shoulder ache or neck problems by leaning forward to look at the keyboard. Relaxed arms means you’ll be less tense in your shoulders.

Dyslexic children find it easier and less frustrating to touch type rather than write out homework by hand, so keyboarding can play a crucial role in ensuring that no child stays behind in class.

More productive: so now you can work more quickly, accurately and comfortably which means you are more productive. This is so important for school, college, university and work.

Touch typing equips children with a skill that will come in handy in college and later on in their careers. Keyboarding activities permeate all aspects of our lives, from education and entertainment to social interaction.

Boosts self esteem and confidence.

My daughter Lucy was really eager to learn touch typing as I am a qualified secretary myself. She enjoyed the classes which were fun and educational at the same time.
The lessons are very varied so no week is the same and she loved the games and trying to get the higher score or quicker time.
We could see progress on a weekly basis as every week she would type quicker. I think this skill will last a lifetime and will help in her school work and the world of work when she is older.
Every child should be taught this wonderful skill as computers are such a huge part of everyday life. Mandy, Harrow.

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