Touch Typing for Your Child

Every parent wants to give their child the best start in life. We teach our children to read and write but considering most of us spend our working day using a keyboard, this skill has somehow gone unnoticed. You can change this, by teaching your child how to touch type.

Benefits of touch typing:

  • Doubles your typing speed – touch typists are at least two times faster, the best even three or four times faster. At last your typing can keep up with your thoughts! How amazing is that?
  • Touch typists make less errors and so don’t waste time making corrections.
  • Save time! In this day and age, time is precious and so if you can learn a skill that will save you time, it’s a no brainer!
  • Stay more focused: With hunting and pecking you have to make sure that you are using the correct finger and hitting the right key so that you will obviously be a little distracted. But once your fingers are automatically ‘doing their thing’ you can concentrate on your work and not on your hands!
  • Better posture and positioning: with touch typing, your ten fingers glide over the keys and your head stays focused on the screen. No arm or shoulder ache or neck problems by leaning forward to look at the keyboard. Relaxed arms means you’ll be less tense in your shoulders.
  • More productive: so now you can work more quickly, accurately and comfortably which means you are more productive. This is so important for school, college, university and work.
  • Measurable and transferable skill – good for future CV’s.
  • Boosts self esteem and confidence.

My daughter Lucy was really eager to learn touch typing as I am a qualified secretary myself. She enjoyed the classes which were fun and educational at the same time.
The lessons are very varied so no week is the same and she loved the games and trying to get the higher score or quicker time.
We could see progress on a weekly basis as every week she would type quicker. I think this skill will last a lifetime and will help in her school work and the world of work when she is older.
Every child should be taught this wonderful skill as computers are such a huge part of everyday life.

Mandy, Harrow


If you want to have a chat about touch typing for children, just call Wendy on 020 8434 7111


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