From Type IT! Students, Parents and Adult Learners

Thank you to all my parents and students for your feedback. It means a lot to hear how you have enjoyed the course and what you have achieved from it. 

“Just a note to say thank you for teaching Ryan to touch type only this week he achieved in a 40 minute class lesson a fantastic piece of writing that is going to be entered into a completion. He typed the words on his school computer and said that by completing the typing course he relaxed and enjoyed the whole writing process so much more than before he could touch type. He is working to get his speeds up and is making steady progress. Just wanted to say thank you from both Ryan and me”.
L Hodgkinson

“My child attended the course this summer holidays (August 2017). His typing has improved immensely. It will be a very useful skill for him, not just for school homework – but for the rest of his life! By the way he loved the games.”.
Mrs Rosin

“Three of us signed up for the Type It course and we were delighted with how quickly we all progressed – from single finger typists to touch typing in a matter of weeks. Under Wendy’s enthusiastic and patient guidance, every lesson was enjoyable and we have gained an invaluable life skill that will be of so much benefit in the future. We would have no hesitation in recommending this course to all ages and just wish we had signed up earlier.”
Chris (48), Ami (16) and Georgie (14)

“First and foremost, thank you to all the Type it staff, particularly Wendy. I reckon she’s got the magical fingers as she truly encouraged my son to touch type. With regular weekly sessions he moved from one finger for every key to touch typing in a much shorter space of time than I thought he would, particularly with his hypermobile fingers. The regular independent activities set for home are really good. I actually didn’t have to tell my son to do them, he just got on with them, unlike school homework! Thanks again to Wendy and the Type it team!”.
Mrs Shah

“My daughter attended your course ending in February 2017. At the beginning she could only type with 2 fingers. At the end of the course she managed to use all 10 fingers at a very good speed and with very few mistakes. We were both impressed:) She is now very happy to use her newly acquired skill both for work at school or simply for writing whatever on the computer. Thank you very much also for the lovely and friendly atmosphere”.
Mr La Torre

“Thank you for being so patient I really enjoyed the course. As a Nurse working in a busy surgery I am typing a great deal every day so the ability to touch type has improved my work day immensely. I would advise anyone who does a lot of typing to do this course as it will definitely make your work easier.”
Mrs June Elliot

“Our two boys completed the week-long intensive touch typing course last week.
Both were a little apprehensive as to what to expect. However, when I collected them at the end of the first session, they were both extremely happy and had really enjoyed the class. They said it was not boring or mundane. It was fun, interesting and they both felt they had learned quite a bit in the first two hours on the first day.For the five days, they practised the homework that was set and did so without me asking them more than once to do it – which is a rarity!

How the classes are run and the kindness and patience of the teachers is clearly apparent as the boys were more than willing to get on and do the work that was set and their enthusiasm remained for the duration of the week. They have also practised every day since the course was completed.

This is a life-long skill that every child should have the opportunity to be taught. We recommend this course very much! We are very grateful to you Wendy, and Charlotte and we will send the boys back for a refresher in the next half-term”
Mrs Bowen, 2016

“I did touch typing at Type It! for my skills in my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. The first week was an intensive course for a week in October which really allowed me to introduce myself and get to know my way around the keyboard. The course is great for both beginners and people who just need another boost. I started the beginning of my three months at 12 words per minute and by the end I was extremely proud of my confidence to type at 30 words per minutes. Type It! cater for anyone and provide a wonderful environment to break down the skill into manageable chunks in the form of fun games, and useful exercises.”
Rachel, 2016

“Doing the typing has really helped me with homework I have had to type and it is really fun” (Student, 2015).
“I agree with him too. It was easy to implement all the practice once we had set up a routine, 10 minutes or so in the mornings whilst I made breakfast. In fact he enjoyed the exercises and games so much it was more a case of limiting his time on the computer!
The skill has helped with all forms of schoolwork; for example it is much quicker (& more fun) to type and modify draft essays, or stories for English before handwriting the final version. As he gets older it seems that more and more of his schoolwork requires use of a computer for research or creating a final product.
I am pleased that we invested in this skill for our son at a young age because it seems to be second nature now and even many months after completing the course he is still touch typing without reverting to old habits.
For children of the current and future generations, touch typing is it is definitely an essential skill which will benefit them through out their education and future careers. I will definitely be enrolling my younger son when the time comes. Thank you.”


“Since I learned to touch type with Wendy at Type IT! I have been amazed how much time I’ve saved. Not only was my old typing style wasting time, but I was also unable to really think about what I wanted to write as I was so busy thinking about where the keys were! All professionals should learn to touch type, it’s an amazing skill and Wendy makes it such fun – it also helps you look super professional in the office!”
Mrs Angharad Milenkovic
Executive Head of Major Gifts
UCL Development Alumni Relations Office

“Rohan learned to touch type over a summer break aged 9, before bad typing habits had a chance to set in. He was inspired by Emma who taught with such good humour and was so attentive to his progress , giving him all the encouragement and tips. Rohan himself was dedicated to the course and put in the regular practice, not least as he did not want to let Emma down, such was the respect he had for her and the relationship they had formed. Rohan has since made great use of this invaluable skill for life – particularly in the digital age- it has shaved hours off homework time and it has helped with his spelling and quality of written work as his fingers can move as fast as his thoughts. The course teaches the children to not only touch type, but to build up speed also. We are so pleased to have taken this up for our son.”
Jigna Patel, Rohan’s Mum.

“The “Type IT” course was so much fun and my son Josh looked forward to it every week. Although I can touch type, I decided to accompany my son and increased both my speed and my accuracy. We laughed and laughed as we challenged each other completing our homework. Just enough homework though about ten minutes a day so it never interfered with normal school homework. Who would believe that my 10 year old would finish with a great accuracy score and a speed time of 39 words per minute? This will not only set him up for secondary school in September but for University and beyond. Definitely one of the best things my husband and I have ever done for our son – and we are planning to go back in the summer for a refresher course, chances are, he will end up with a speed time faster than me. Thank you Wendy for making me try that little bit harder each week and Emma thank you for being so encouraging and patient you were an absolute star in Josh’s eyes=D>. You are a great team and work so well together. See you in the summer…”
Doreen Murphy (54wpm) and Josh Murphy (39wpm).

“An educational psychologist recommended that my 11 year old son should use a laptop at school as his difficulties with handwriting were holding him back. With a year to go to his 13+ exams I knew he had to master the skill of touch typing as soon as possible. I was incredibly lucky to find Wendy at Type It. She is professional, understanding and kind. The guidance she gives is excellent and the software is user friendly. My son loved the course and was typing over 30wpm at the end of 10 weeks. It has transformed his academic life; writing tasks which used to be tiring and difficult for him are now so much easier. He gets more work done with less effort. I can’t thank Wendy enough or recommend the course more highly.”
Mrs Faruqi, parent of Haaris, age 11. 44wpm. Remote Student

”I would just like to add that I think typing is a great skill to possess, especially as children move through their ‘educational careers’ and beyond into the world of work so thank you for putting this course together.”
Mr Hillier, parent of James, age 11. 18wpm

”My children both really enjoyed the Type it programme and made significant progress in their ability to touch type and in their commitment to practice regularly. Thank you for all your help”
Pippa, Mum to Lydia, age 9 (16wpm) and Luke, age 12 (45wpm). Intensive Easter Course

“The course was extremely useful for a 14 year old, she learned quickly and saw the value in the touch typing technique from the very first day and was motivated.”
Lilja, Mum to Soley. Intensive Easter Course, 30wpm

“A good number of our pupils made excellent progress and thoroughly enjoyed the course!”
Penny Brown, Teacher, York House School

“It was good fun, the people were really friendly and nice and I was surprised at how well I could type. This will really benefit me now and in the future due to the difficulties I have in writing and holding a pen. I would say – go and do the course, it is good fun!”
Sophie, age 13, 31WPM. Autumn 2012

“Type It! was ideal for my 11-year-old son who found the computer programme course easy to follow and fun to do. The personal weekly tutoring classes were also good at encouraging him to practice regularly throughout the course. As a complete beginner to touch-typing, he quickly learned and improved his typing speed and accuracy. He now completes his typed homework a lot quicker, and I feel he is well-prepared for secondary school.”
Corinne, Parent of Cameron, age 10, 26WPM

“I thought this was a wonderful course and we were all amazed how quickly my son learnt to type and how much he enjoyed attending the course each week. He has told us that his friends are very impressed at how fast he is and it really helps to get your homework done faster! At the end of the course he was very sad and asked if he could go back and do it all again! Many thanks.”
Anna Bhalla, Parent of Aron, 10 years, 52WPM

“My 8 year old could barely find his way around the keyboard when he started, and just 8 weeks later he was proficiently typing up to 21 words a minute. The experience has boosted his confidence and given him a skill for life. The learning method is fun and engaging and I can’t thank Emma enough for her exceptional, patient, coaching and mentoring.”
Jigna Patel, Parent

“My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed the course (& homework!) and is now automatically using all of her fingers whenever she uses the computer. A very worthwhile investment of time.”
Mrs Jardine, Parent

“I enjoyed the way all the teachers are patient with you.

Alice, age 8 (Spring 12 – 28WPM)

“I am so proud of Nethmi the way she is progressing. I love to see the way she types.”
Mrs Ratnayaka, Parent

“I love touch typing! I would recommend this to other people. I think people will enjoy this very much.”
Nethmi, age 7 (Spring 12 – 17WPM)

“I’ve enjoyed the lessons so far and I’m happy to have joined the course. Wendy, Anisha and Emma have been very encouraging and I had a great time learning to touch type.”
Sally, Age 14 (Spring 12 – 48WPM)

“The Type IT! course is well laid out and the homework readily tackled.”
Mr Fyles, Parent

“I am so proud of my new skill for life and have thoroughly enjoyed it throughout the course.”
Beatrice, age 11 (Spring 12 – 21WPM)

“Sanadi has been really happy and looking forward to every Thursday. She found it really fun with the games and she learnt faster. We could see Sanadi was progressing really well. She started it early in her life and it is a lifetime benefit.”
Mrs Ratnayaka, Parent

“I really like Type IT classes! The system is really fun and persuades me to do more practice each day. I enjoy every typing lesson knowing I am going to do something new. I am very thankful to Wendy, Anisha and Emma.”
Sanadi, age 9 (Spring 12 – 26WPM)

“The course has been a very educational and enjoyable experience for Sudiksha. It has taught her a skill which will prove to be a lifelong asset for her.”
Mrs Rao, Parent

“It has helped me to finish my projects quicker. It has taught me where all the keys are on the keyboard and now I can type without looking at my fingers.”
Sudiksha, age 9 (Spring 12 – 16WPM)

“I feel that Hannah gained a great deal from the touch typing course andher typing skills have greatly improved. I thought there was good communication between the parents and the trainers.”
Mrs Dewji, Parent

“I enjoyed Type it my best thing was the games. I feel like my typing has become a lot faster and would help with lots of typing.”
Hannah, age 9 (Spring 12 – 15WPM)

“Keira has enjoyed the course. Each level has become more challenging over the weeks but this has helped to develop her speed and memory. It was very useful to have the software from the beginning making it very easy to practice at home.”
Manisha, Parent

“I found the course interesting and really enjoyed it. I can use what I have learnt at school and at home.”
Keira, age 8 (Spring 12 – 15WPM)

“My daughter Lucy was really eager to learn touch typing as I am a qualified secretary myself. She enjoyed the classes which were fun and educational at the same time. The lessons are very varied so no week is the same and she loved the games and trying to get the higher score or quicker time. We could see progress on a weekly basis as every week she would type quicker. I think this skill will last a lifetime and will help in her school work and the world of work when she is older. Every child should be taught this wonderful skill as computers are such a huge part of everyday life.”
Mandy, Parent

“My name is Lucy and I am 7 years old. I loved learning how to touch type like my mummy. I really enjoyed the games and you had to complete a level before you unlocked a new game which was good. You have a high score which you can beat and when you learn lots of keys the computer tells you how fast you are typing too. I could see that every week I was getting quicker and quicker and my family were very surprised how fast I could type.”
Lucy, age 7 (Autumn 11 – 17WPM)