Touch Typing for Children in Schools

children touch typing at heathfield schoolOur classes are now running in Harrow School, Harrow on the Hill and West Lodge Primary School, Pinner.

Using computers in schools is becoming a bigger and bigger part of every child’s educational process, for learning, producing and submitting coursework and assessments. Most of these activities require children to be fairly savvy at using a keyboard.

We can offer  pupils the opportunity to learn a skill that will last them for life – to be able to touch type quickly and accurately. I am keen for children to learn this cognitive skill as young as possible, just when they start to type for the first time and before any bad habits creep in – such as hunting and pecking with two fingers! It will help them with their homework, coursework and prepare them well for senior school and university.

If schools in the Harrow area are interested in offering TYPE IT! tutor-led courses as a before school, lunchtime or after school activity please contact me.

Kind Regards

To discuss how Type IT! could teach touch typing in your school please call Wendy on 020 8434 7111